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The 'Mane' Equine Community on Livejournal
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Horse-centric community - any discipline, any breed.
Welcome to Equestrian.

Your maintainers and moderators are siobheanne, foalstory, blitzen_, lurath, remix22 and ihrayne. All members of the moderation team can be reached at equestrianhelp at gmail dot com for any administrative help or concerns about content.

Please take the time to review the rules and guidelines of equestrian. You will be expected to know and comply with all of the regulations we've established before posting or commenting in this community.

Click Here for the Community Rules and Guidelines

If you post content which violates one of our rules or guidelines, you will be asked by a moderator to edit your content to be in accordance with our regulations. Please respect their requests.

Regarding Community Promotion Posts:
Promotions are generally discouraged, but tolerated as long as they're under an lj-cut, and clearly labeled as such. If you're promoting a community which has nothing to do with horses or riding, your post will be deleted. In regards to the type of community you're promoting, I paraphrase one of our members...

"equestrian is basically the generic, catch all horse community on LJ, so there's no point in advertising general horse communities here, since we all belong to this one. However, ads for breed, discipline, location based communities, etc, are okay long as they're tastefully done and are not cross posted 10000 million times."

Your cooperation is appreciated.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the community guidelines or content, you are to contact a maintainer before publicly posting any suggested changes. We are a democracy, but we also have maintainers to prevent chaos and unnecessary strife! :)

Looking for a more specific community?
Try one of the following...

In Memory of Tex, "The Horse equestrian Bought".

Read about Tex's story in our Memories section.

Play safe, and happy riding to everyone :)

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Moderator user icons by lurath, inspired by the moderation team at vaginapagina. The image used in the icons is "Best Buddies" by k7point5.

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