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Video Ideas

So I have been thinking about putting together a few videos on some training and general horsemanship topics. I know there's already tons of videos out there already on YouTube, quality varying both on information and presentation. I doubt I have anything new to add under the sun, but I'd like to be able to point my students to it and I think the process of getting it put together will help me solidify and think through my own process as well.

Anyway! I want to touch on various subjects and I see this as a long-term project. Some subjects I'm thinking about already include the following list:

Emergency dismount, reasons to use, demonstration from halt to walk and trot from both sides, how NOT to do it and why.

Moving the fore and hindquarters from the ground, both away and towards the handler, building towards asking the horse to "park" next to a mounting block or as an introduction to whip aids in driving applications and in-hand work.

Use of the reins (direct, indirect, leading, etc.) and their effect.

Driving training related subjects, like how to introduce pressure from the traces and breeching, rein and whip handling, etc.

Turn on forehand and haunches under saddle, etc.

I have a place to start, but am happy to hear more ideas. If you could request a subject to be covered on a video (I'm thinking segments anywhere from 5-20 minutes), what would you want it to be about? What process, subject, technique, etc. would you be interested in? Would you be more interested in step-by-step training things, theory, or a bit of both?

I'd be happy to share what I come up with here if there is interest too.

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