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Tru-D Training

Last year I had mentioned the BelgianxHaflinger filly my husband and I picked up as a project in this post and figured I'd share some progress and pictures.

Here Tru-D is as she turned two!

I admit, part of me is really anxious to get on and feel her gaits. I've had the Western saddle on her a couple times to introduce it and the stirrups barely move when she trots or canters.

In the last year she has learned how to:
-load in a trailer
-be caught and lead nicely
-fly mask and spraying
-have her feet trimmed and cleaned
-work both in a roundpen and on a lunge line (briefly!)
-long line a half dozen times with a halter
-Introduced the (bitless) bridle
-Worn a bit (because if my Grand Plan of doing some competitive Dressage and Driving happens she'll have to use one eventually ... unless rules change before then ... one can hope!)
-Introduced whip aids
-Accept vaccinations and deworming
-Taken walks off-property with traffic (also very brief right now)
-Worn and briefly lunged in a full harness

I didn't think we had accomplished all that much, but writing it out like that definitely puts into perspective how much this former wild child has learned in the last year!

We also discovered she is related to our full Haflinger mare through her sire, which is cool.

Wearing her hand-me-down bitless bridle that might not fit her by the time I really start using it! She flexes nicely with it and I've used it while doing some work in-hand like turn on the haunches and forehand.
2016-03-31 20.13.47.jpg

Standing next to my Arab gelding a couple months before she turned two. She was close then, but she definitely has him out-massed now! She hit 15 hands (same hight as Kash) and measured around 1100lbs on her birthday.


Wearing a bit for the first time. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't get it out of her mouth. I'm still working on her taking it and giving it back well, but she is reasonable and has stopped pulling faces with it on.

2016-01-29 21.07.58.jpg

Wearing the saddle like a big girl.

2016-04-23 19.21.34.jpg

First time wearing the harness. She was very good for it and only had a brief moment of worry while lungeing her. The harness is a little big on her because it actually belongs to Kitt our Fjord, but she may grow into it. No reason to get her a harness of her own until she is done growing. It actually fit surprisingly well except for the length to the breeching.

2016-04-29 20.39.00.jpg

Any of you have some fun things coming up or progress and accomplishments you're proud of?
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