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Projects and Progress

What have you all been up to lately with your horses?

Last weekend we did a Draft Horse Show/Expo during our local rodeo and took three of our horses, my husbands two mares Ruby, a Belgian, and Charm-N a Percheron as well as my Fjord mare Kitt.

We think we know why the rodeo put us in the arena they did ... it was right next to the carnival with the ferris wheel and the centrifical force rides that whirl and spin and cause people to scream. All that considered the horses did great. Charm-N buggered slightly once in the cart as one of the rides made a strange noise, but came back to me quickly enough and Kitt was actually mostly bothered by the audio system over anything else. Ruby was awesome and rock solid and my husband drove her most of the time.

Charm-N wondering if we'd help her remove her collar the rest of the way...

Kitt and I doing a breed demo with a lady and her Clyde I asked to join us (afterwards I realized Kitt probably couldn't have cared less about having company). This was the first time I had have ridden Kitt in her bitless bridle in public, which she did really well in (especially when I remembered to use my legs, eesh).

Kitt has also been brushing up on her driving skills and figuring out how to jump, which I need to get some decent video of. We've gone 2' thusfar (I am sure you hard core jumper people scoff at such a low height, but it's a big thing for her stubby legs!).

We also acquired a coming yearling filly last month. We weren't really looking, but it was one of those perfectly timed things that just fell into place like it is meant to be and so it is. She is a HaflingerXBelgian cross and went from a barely-handled wild child to a friendly pest in five weeks. We're excited to see how she matures over the next few years.

And she's pretty cute.

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