Liz (mystical_aria) wrote in equestrian,

Selling tack online

I've been selling tack on FB and on ebay for some time now and I've always gone through paypal unless it's a friend buying from me and then it's always been in cash.  I have someone interesting in a bridle that I'm selling and she doesn't have paypal and would rather send a personal check or money order.  I told her she can also do just a credit card through PayPal and she says she doesn't have one of those either.  I assume that if I accepted a personal check I wouldn't ship out til I got the check and it cleared.  Is this a good policy?  I wasn't going to send it anyway until I did get the check; I'm more concerned about cashing the check and letting it clear before I send it out.  I know it's more to protect my @$$ when it comes to sending it out, but it still seems... weird. Or something.

What do you all do when you sell online and they want to use a check instead of PayPal?
Tags: tack question
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