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Cheap Footing

I have the opportunity to finally have an arena that my horses don't live in (YAY!), but at the moment importing fancy footing is out of budget and my current tool for doing anything to it is a tractor tire that my horses drag. When it is in the budget a real drag will be acquired and someday maybe a disc and other such glorious things, but right now it is water to keep the dust down and an old tire to kindof flatten it out.

My question is thus: I have seen other places use their stall pickings as footing (manure and shavings) and it actually seems to do a decent job. Mind you I am in Arizona and this time of year things dry out in 30 minutes if they aren't being actively watered so the stuff dries out pretty well and you don't really worry about things that grow in wet, manure-filled environments.

I am wondering what others think of this type of footing, experience with it and since my tools for working it are limited am I better off with the native dirt or go for the extra padding? I think it will also retain water better than plain dirt to cut down on dust.

Also I don't typically use shavings in my stalls (mostly becsuse my horses don't spend much time in them and they are dirt), but I imagine the shavings mixed in would ultimately make the footing better perhaps? Thoughts on that?

Also, if you had a limitless budget what type of footing would YOU get?
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