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After Nine Months Off

Cross-posted at my personal journal.

I pulled Zetahra out before my last lesson today. I pulled out the saddle and lunged her for a minute. She was a little gate sour, but not bad. There was no bucking or any shenanigans so I donned my vest and helmet, flapped the stirrups, bounced up, paused for a rub and swung my leg over.

We worked walk, a bit of trot, and a little canter. She didn't want to go very forward in the canter, but she did canter. SHE WAS DOING PIROUETTES.

While I probably should have driven her forward more out of them I was too busy laughing. And being dumbfounded.

I will probably put either the general purpose or Dressage saddle on her next time. I think my Western one might be a smidge narrow for her and could be why she was a little backed off. Of course it could be lack of fitness and the fact I haven't been on her back for 3/4 of a year. Either way the semi-QH bars are probably too narrow for her though they didn't feel too terrible when I ran my hand under them. Either way I'll see if she moves better one of the others, which are set extra wide.

I am going to have a lot of fun with this filly.

Current plans: put a couple more rides on her at home before going down to the public arena for a couple rides then hitting up my trail buddies. While that is in process I will be getting in touch with my driving instructor again and finish what we started with introducing the cart. By the end of the year I am hoping for a bit better than greenbroke under saddle (I officially called her greenbroke before I stopped riding her last year) and going well in harness.

Perhaps we'll do a couple little schooling shows this fall and lots of time under saddle and between the shafts until then!

And a picture of me riding last year because I do not have any recent ones.

Ride Four, take two
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