e (theroyal_e) wrote in equestrian,

Saddle Rack for the Car

I'm looking for a saddle rack that could fit into the trunk or back seat of my Honda Accord. I need to be able to easily travel with my saddle to and from my barn (I'm a guest/exercise rider, not a lessor/owner so there's no where for me to store it at the barn). I found the one made of PVC pipes, but $70 seems like a lot of money for such an item. The only other one I've found is a Saddle Mate (http://www.robinsonsequestrian.com/stubbs-saddle-mate.html) but that ships from England and I'm in Ohio, and so that's probably too pricey, too.

Anyone know of any other options? Or even a DIY solution? I have a really nice saddle and I don't want it to get banged up going to/from the barn on a weekly basis. Thanks, horse folk!
Tags: tack & equipment: misc.
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