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Beach ride with the Shires.

On the 20th December, we took all six horses who pull the coach in The Lord Mayor's Show down to Holkham Bay, Norfolk, for some fun 'n' frolics on the snow-covered beach.

It was photographed by a freelance guy working for The Daily Mail, with the intention of the images being published in the newspaper, but as yet there has been no article - which sucks. This is also why I'm only just sharing my mum's photos of the event now, as I was waiting for the article to come out so I could share that too. :| Oh well!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos. You have no idea how bitterly bloody cold we were. XD

Comet and Boy before loading, early that morning.

The horse on the left is Beatrice, the only mare of the group. She stays with me over the winter. I'm on the right, riding Scott.

Me and Scott again. He is SUCH a beautiful mover.

Scott and Comet. Yes, we are as cold as we look. I was wearing my cream jods because I thought we were trying to look smart for the official photographer - everyone else wore waterproof trousers! D'oh! :P

...We do know what we're doing. Honest.

Me and Scott (I don't give a rat's arse about my chair seat, it was TOO COLD TO CARE D:).

Boy leading the charge!

Beautiful Beatrice. :)

The horse's from L-R are: Boy, Comet, Scott, Cooper, Horace, Beatrice.

Not everyone wanted to go through the water. :P Horses from L-R: Boy, Comet, Scott, Horace, Beatrice, Cooper.

Horses from L-R: Boy, Comet, Scott, Horace, Beatrice, Cooper.

Shires on the horizon! <3

...Srsly, I love Scott's movement. <3

LOL. I don't know what's going on here, but I love how Scott and I are just standing in the middle looking lost!

Me and Scott again.

Scott and I might be facing the wrong way ... but can you see the green jacket of Beatrice's rider in the background? They're heading out to sea!

See? :P

So we rode out to fetch them back!

Scott getting his belly wet.

I can balance seagulls on my head.

Horace is the one in the middle, giving the world's goofiest look the the camera. On either side of him are Beatrice and Scott, and Boy and Comet.

Not really sure what Scott and I are doing here...

Here's a photo of Beatrice "on holiday" at mine:

And my 25-year-old pony, Pepsi, definitly NOT enjoying her Christmas present (rhythm beads, supposed to promote tranquility). And no, she doesn't wear them in the field, she had them on for photos only.

And Pepsi in the yard, with Beatrice peering round the corner. :P

In 2008 The Daily Mail ran an article involving Scott and Olympic Bronze medallist Louis Smith. You can see the article - and the fantastic accompanying photo - here.
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