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unmounted lesson plans

For my riding instructor's class I'm required to do a series of lessons outside of class, and in a portfolio include my lesson plan, pics of the lesson and my write up about how I thought it went. One of the required lessons is an unmounted lesson. I'm going to use my 6 yo cousin, Haley as my unmounted because she has a huge interest in horses but no horsey knowledge or contact. My plan is to teach her colors and markings. However, I'm looking for some opinions about how basic/in depth I should go. I want to keep it fairly basic because I don't want her to be overwhelmed. But I also want her to know more than brown, black, gray. But will bay, red roan, blue roan, fleabitten gray, dapple gray, etc be too much for her little 6 yo self? Also, can anyone think of any games that we can play to make the lesson fun? I'm going to use pictures to teach her the colors. And I've been playing around with ways to use a matching game but I'm not completely convinced on that yet aaanndd I really need to submit my lesson plan soon. Does anyone have any opinions to help me make my final decisions?
Tags: advice, kids and horses, new to horses (beginner questions)
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