Star Saber (gogglehead84) wrote in equestrian,
Star Saber

Mildew hay?

Hey guys I have a question about midlewed hay, I have 3 bales, that have to weigh at least 20 lbs 45.5 each these are huge bales. The side at which they were against the wall is totally mildewed, you can tap it and the smoke coming off is liek a big white poof. My parents won't let me throw the bales out because it's money. So I am willing to feed my horse the half of the bale that isn't mildewed and just throw the mildewed half out. Because these are big bales it would be a huge waste to throw them out I guess. So if I keep them in my tack room which is 8ft x 8 ft. Can all the smoking mildew get to my 30 other bales that are jammed into this small space? also what about me going in the tack room with all the mildew clouds pooofing around each time i rip some hay out of the bale is that safe? Also there are no cow farms anywhere in the area to give mildewed hay to, so it's basically garbage. I am not sure how to deal with this. Right now the bales are shoved into the back of my fathers car and as soon as he finds out he's going to make me move them, and I will probably have to put them back in the barn any ideas?
Tags: barn management, hay
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