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The Great Name Game...

This year I'll be taking my horse to our first recognized events together. He went a few years ago with a old trainer of mine and in a rush we picked "Blue October" for his USEA Registered name, which I've come to despise due to subsequent baggage associated with it. The season is getting underway with our first event planned at the end of June so I would like to pick a new registered name for him.

His barn name has been "Darcy" for the last 9 years and he's quite a sensitive but gentlemanly horse. He's a TB and his JC Reg is "Sir Gwenford" which my trainer suggests I use for USEA. I like "Sir Gwenford" more than "Blue October" but I'm not sold on it.

This spring I tried him out as "Mr. Darcy" at schooling shows and it didn't feel right so that is off the table as well. We're going to two back to back one-days next weekend as "Sir Gwenford" so we'll see how that goes but I'd like to hear any ideas you guys have. After the last derby I also thought up "Drogon" he's a lamb at home and a fire breathing beast at the shows, he absolutely attacks cross country and show jumping (he'd like to attack Dressage too and doesn't understand why it's not allowed).

Competing as "Blue October" Novice with my old trainer...



Thanks for your suggestions!
Tags: advice, horse names/show names
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