Grace (Fell) (nightfell) wrote in equestrian,
Grace (Fell)

Making tack more reflective?

My lease horse is boarded by a reservoir with a huge lake and lots of nice trails. During the winter/early spring, there is little to no vehicle traffic but as the weather gets warmer, we’ve been encountering a lot of motorists on our rides. We’ve never been in any danger and most drivers are considerate enough to slow down or stop to let us by but it made me think about adding some reflective features to make us more visible since I usually ride in the evenings after work. So any tips for reflective-lyzing tack?

I did some research and looked into reflective tape- I could stick a few strips onto my breastcollar and reins (they are biothane so it should adhere decently enough) but I’ve also seen tubes with reflective strips to be slipped onto tack as needed? Has anyone made or used things like this, how did they fare during trail rides?

Tags: tack customization
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