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horse show in australia

Yesterday i took my pony and his lease rider (now a good friend of mine) to their (most likely) last show together as she is now ready to head off into the big bad world and buy her own pony. They've been together for over 4 years, through awkward teenage-hood for her, and i think they worked really well together. we only decided to go 2 days beforehand so it was a bit of a rush to get organised.
The pony is a 14.3hh, 17yo standardbred. he was a stallion until he was 9 or 10, never bred as far as i know, but he raced very successfully on the country tracks for several years. I bought him on a whim (after all, who needs a pony?) when i borrowed him off a friend to go trail riding. I met him & fell in love. I'm too big to ride him regularly so have had him part leased out to help both with costs and exercise. i love going to shows where i get to beautify him and be 'the owner'.
This is a "hack show" where riders in each class w/t (and sometimes canter, but this was a WT ring) around the judge & they select their place getters. It's basically "equitation". mostly a class will include a workout which is usually a variation on the "walk out, trot a circle to the right, extension across the centre & circle back to me" theme, depending on the class (a rider class may include sitting trot for example). Taz can be pretty competitive in the walk-trot classes, but he will never make it in WTC because his canter is still 4beat (plus it's a bit unreliable! haha). standardbreds have suffered a fair bit of discrimination in the hack ring for a variety of reasons. regardless, i love my pony.
This is also one of the last shows of the season as it just gets too hot! most of our competitions are held over the winter months as it's just too hot. ironic as horses look their best in summer so lots of people stable under lights & clip just to replicate that summer look. haha.


the line up, waiting for their workout. the rider on the left won champion rider for the day & IMO the horse & rider on the right were probs going to win Supreme for the day (we didn't stick around)... so it wasn't our day up against some pretty stiff competition.

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