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Grand Cypress Equestrian Center Closing

So it seems the economy rears its ugly head again. I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet, but feel free to let me know if they have.
The place that I learned to ride, the Grand Cypress Equestrian Center, is closing on Dec 1st. This means that over 20 lesson horses have to be found new homes in that short amount of time. Over 20 boarders also have to be moved. I don't think you ever expect to get a 30 day notice at a barn like that.
I got a text last night from a friend that said they were giving three of their lesson ponies, one of which is a fireball named Bossman, to the farm where she boards. I'm not sure if they're actually giving them away, but in this situation I'd believe it. With the economy the way it is, I can't imagine trying to sell that amount of lesson horses in just a month.

What bothers me most about this is that they're closing the entire facility. I can understand if you're losing money through the school, but they had a full list of boarders last time I was there (which was about a month ago). I'm quite surprised they didn't simply close the school, downsize employees rather than let them all go, and keep it open for boarders. Boarding is hard to find in the Kissimmee area, or at least, it was for me. I wanted to keep Teddy closer to home, but couldn't find anywhere but GC which was far out of my price range. So I drove the almost 45 minutes out to Winter Garden each day instead. But it seems to me that it's a combination of bad economy along with corporate greed; I guess I can't blame them, especially when I'm sure the guys up top aren't horse people. The rest of the resort banks, the Equestrian Center didn't.

Regardless, it's a sad thing, and I really, really hope the horses find good homes. I took lessons there and also worked there for a few months, so naturally, I knew and loved each one of them.
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