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21 July 2014 @ 11:40 am
10yo mustang mare for CTR/endurance, thoughts?

I know these aren't the best pictures to judge. She was pulled from a feedlot about a month ago and the trainer has been doing riding lessons with her- not sure how often/long though. I'm interested if I'm seeing the same things that other people notice. Thank you for all the help and feedback!

09 July 2014 @ 05:50 pm
Ok I know some of you hate the "show name" threads, but I'm desperate.

I got a new horse.  She's well known locally by her barn name, which is Oprah.  She has no show name.  I'm profoundly embarrassed by her show name, not because I dislike The Oprah, but the mare is black.  And large bodied.  And her first owner called her that because she was "big and black."  And the whole thing is embarrassing and in poor taste, IMO.

By this point I don't think she's going to ever be anything other than Oprah, but I'm open to suggestions, although the obvious answers haven't worked for me or her previous owner (second owner).  So I suspect anything else as a day-to-day will be an organic nickname that develops over time.  We call her mostly "O" and "Opie" and "Oprah Elizabeth."

However.  The vet is coming out Tuesday and I Can.Not. stomach the thought of "Oprah" being on her vet records or coggins.  I'd rather call her "O" publicly to people that don't know her and never have them know her real name.  And if they check her coggins--well the game is up.

What can you suggest for a show name?  She's kind of funny, she's mentally suuuuper calm and collected, no spook, tries hard, great work ethic, etc.  But she loves to GO and WORK and DO.  So a laid back name just doesn't fit her overall.  It fits her mentality but not her actual way of going.
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09 July 2014 @ 06:00 am
So what are you up to in your horsey life?

I am still getting Zetahra broke to drive. I have taken a slight pause from the cart because I sold the green one we were using (we're not entirely sure if a hiccup we were dealing with in the trot was cart-caused) and am waiting for a new set of shafts to be made for my forecart that will fit her properly (the ones it came with are full draft sized, a bit large!). In the meantime I have been riding her (first trail ride in a year!) and dragging things.

Other projects include a new mule client, which has been interesting figuring out (tell me your mule stories!).

I have my mother-in-law's two mares I am getting back into work, if slowly.

I am hoping to get my Fjord, Kitt, driving and jumping by the end of the year.

And I continue to teach and work outside despite the crazy-hot weather (80 and 60% humidity at 6am! Supposed to be 100 today, but only because it rained last night).
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18 June 2014 @ 09:24 pm

Will provide any additional info- needs and deserves a great home.

18 June 2014 @ 02:12 pm
I've been selling tack on FB and on ebay for some time now and I've always gone through paypal unless it's a friend buying from me and then it's always been in cash.  I have someone interesting in a bridle that I'm selling and she doesn't have paypal and would rather send a personal check or money order.  I told her she can also do just a credit card through PayPal and she says she doesn't have one of those either.  I assume that if I accepted a personal check I wouldn't ship out til I got the check and it cleared.  Is this a good policy?  I wasn't going to send it anyway until I did get the check; I'm more concerned about cashing the check and letting it clear before I send it out.  I know it's more to protect my @$$ when it comes to sending it out, but it still seems... weird. Or something.

What do you all do when you sell online and they want to use a check instead of PayPal?
06 June 2014 @ 12:09 pm
I have the opportunity to finally have an arena that my horses don't live in (YAY!), but at the moment importing fancy footing is out of budget and my current tool for doing anything to it is a tractor tire that my horses drag. When it is in the budget a real drag will be acquired and someday maybe a disc and other such glorious things, but right now it is water to keep the dust down and an old tire to kindof flatten it out.

My question is thus: I have seen other places use their stall pickings as footing (manure and shavings) and it actually seems to do a decent job. Mind you I am in Arizona and this time of year things dry out in 30 minutes if they aren't being actively watered so the stuff dries out pretty well and you don't really worry about things that grow in wet, manure-filled environments.

I am wondering what others think of this type of footing, experience with it and since my tools for working it are limited am I better off with the native dirt or go for the extra padding? I think it will also retain water better than plain dirt to cut down on dust.

Also I don't typically use shavings in my stalls (mostly becsuse my horses don't spend much time in them and they are dirt), but I imagine the shavings mixed in would ultimately make the footing better perhaps? Thoughts on that?

Also, if you had a limitless budget what type of footing would YOU get?
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27 May 2014 @ 02:13 pm
Looking to clear out the excess horse stuff that I don't need. Prices are listed on the pictures.  If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Pictures are on my FB page and the links to them are below.



Prices do not include shipping unless stated. Tack is located near the Chicago/Indiana border. Local shoppers can request to meet up instead of paying for shipping.  My misc. tack is located under the English link (for example, I have a sweat scrape and lick-it holder under the English tack link).  I have primarily English/Dressage tack, but I did a bit of western and friends often gave me western stuff if they didn't need it.  So please check.  Do not be afraid to offer me something for anything in there.  I need to get rid of it as I don't have a horse anymore and I don't have a need for any of it (my hubby and I are also looking to buy a house, so what little horse stuff I can bring with me the better).  All pads will be washed again before being shipped out, so please give me at least 3 days to ship those out as I want to make sure they're completely dry.  My primary day for shipping is Friday as I'm not at work, but I will try and ship ASAP.  If you need rush shipping for something, please let me know, and I can try and work something out with you.

Paypal preferred.
24 May 2014 @ 09:22 am
This year I'll be taking my horse to our first recognized events together. He went a few years ago with a old trainer of mine and in a rush we picked "Blue October" for his USEA Registered name, which I've come to despise due to subsequent baggage associated with it. The season is getting underway with our first event planned at the end of June so I would like to pick a new registered name for him.

His barn name has been "Darcy" for the last 9 years and he's quite a sensitive but gentlemanly horse. He's a TB and his JC Reg is "Sir Gwenford" which my trainer suggests I use for USEA. I like "Sir Gwenford" more than "Blue October" but I'm not sold on it.

This spring I tried him out as "Mr. Darcy" at schooling shows and it didn't feel right so that is off the table as well. We're going to two back to back one-days next weekend as "Sir Gwenford" so we'll see how that goes but I'd like to hear any ideas you guys have. After the last derby I also thought up "Drogon" he's a lamb at home and a fire breathing beast at the shows, he absolutely attacks cross country and show jumping (he'd like to attack Dressage too and doesn't understand why it's not allowed).

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Thanks for your suggestions!
21 May 2014 @ 07:30 pm

My filly I have broken to ride and been working on breaking to drive has reached another milestone! With the help of my driving instructor (plus one of her riding clients) we got her fully hooked up. She has been pretty unimpressed by the culmination of her training to this point. Of course after dragging tires and PVC pipes around the cart isn't that big of a deal, right?

I am very much looking forward to miles and years with this filly in harness and under saddle!
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21 May 2014 @ 04:01 pm
My lease horse is boarded by a reservoir with a huge lake and lots of nice trails. During the winter/early spring, there is little to no vehicle traffic but as the weather gets warmer, we’ve been encountering a lot of motorists on our rides. We’ve never been in any danger and most drivers are considerate enough to slow down or stop to let us by but it made me think about adding some reflective features to make us more visible since I usually ride in the evenings after work. So any tips for reflective-lyzing tack?

I did some research and looked into reflective tape- I could stick a few strips onto my breastcollar and reins (they are biothane so it should adhere decently enough) but I’ve also seen tubes with reflective strips to be slipped onto tack as needed? Has anyone made or used things like this, how did they fare during trail rides?

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